Immerse yourself in the technical marvel of Thomas Earnshaw's Skeleton Watches, where craftsmanship meets precision.
Our collection unveils the intricate details of every gear, showcasing the artistry behind each timepiece. Explore a world where elegance meets engineering, and gears are meticulously unveiled to redefine your timekeeping experience.

Tar BlackTar Black

Tar Black


€343,95 €132,95
Roman Rose GoldRoman Rose Gold

Roman Rose Gold


€324,95 €123,95
Warm GoldWarm Gold

Warm Gold


€363,95 €132,95
Neutral WhiteNeutral White

Neutral White


€305,95 €113,95

Precision Unveiled

Longcase Grande Skeleton Automatic

Behold the Longcase, an extraordinary three-hand automatic skeleton that marries aesthetics with engineering precision. Each delicate detail is a testament to our dedication, with exposed mechanics and lavish gems enhancing the allure. Experience the symphony of craftsmanship as every gear is unveiled, echoing the legacy of Thomas Earnshaw's timeless elegance.


Intricate Proportions

Cornwall Skeleton Automatic

Introducing Cornwall, where perfection finds its proportions. This perfectly sized skeleton automatic watch effortlessly graces any wrist, showcasing the elegant intricacies of its automatic movement. Immerse yourself in the artistry of watchmaking as gears are unveiled with true style and panache. Elevate your wrist with the symphony of craftsmanship and precision.