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General Inquiry

Which countries do we ship to?

Can I customise my order before shipping?

How can I get discount codes?

How accurate are the colours of your watches?

Payment Inquiry

What mode of payment are available?

My bank charged me more than my order.

How long does does it take to refund cancelled/returned orders?

Can you refund an order under a different credit card or PayPal account?

Is your website secure?

Are my information kept private?

Order Inquiry

How long does it takes to process & ship my order?

How can I amend the details of my order.

Order confirmation email not yet received.

I've changed my mind but my order has been shipped. What should I do?

My order is held for security check.

Shipping & Delivery

Where do we ship from?

What couriers do we use?

Do I have to pay VAT or TAXES on my shipment?

How can I track my order?

Missed shipment delivery

Delayed delivery

My order was just shipped but I want to change my delivery address.

Returns, Exchange & Replacements

I want to return an order.

I want to exchange a watch for a different model

I've received the wrong item. What should I do?

There's something wrong with the watch I ordered. What should I do?

I've received an incomplete shipment. What should I do?

I received a quartz watch with a dead battery, what should I do?

I've received a Thomas Earnshaw watch as gift, can I return it for refund/exchange?

Have you received my returned watch?

Warranty & Repairs

2 Year Manufacturer Warranty Policy

How to register my watch?

How can I get my watch repaired?

Can I buy spare parts and do the repair locally with a watch jeweler/repair technician?

Why can't I get a quote before sending the watch in?

Where are your service centers located?

Watch Care

Where can I find the Instruction Manual for my watch?

Is my watch water resistant?

Exposure to sea or chlorinated water

Should I wear my watch regularly?

How to maintain the movement of your watch to the best possible condition.

How often should I change the battery of my quartz watch?

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