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General Inquiry

Which countries do we ship to?

Can I customise my order before shipping?

How can I get discount codes?

How accurate are the colours of your watches?

Payment Inquiry

What mode of payment are available?

What currency are our prices shown? Can I change it?

My bank charged me more than my order.

Installment / Financing payment options

Do you sell Gift Cards?

How long does does it take to refund cancelled/returned orders?

Can you refund an order under a different credit card or PayPal account?

Is your website secure?

Are my information kept private?

Order Inquiry

How long does it takes to process & ship my order?

How can I amend the details of my order.

Order confirmation email not yet received.

I've changed my mind but my order has been shipped. What should I do?

My order is held for security check.

Shipping & Delivery

Where do we ship from?

What couriers do we use?

Do I have to pay VAT or TAXES on my shipment?

How can I track my order?

Missed shipment delivery

Delayed delivery

My order was just shipped but I want to change my delivery address.

Returns, Exchange & Replacements

I want to return an order.

I want to exchange a watch for a different model

I've received the wrong item. What should I do?

There's something wrong with the watch I ordered. What should I do?

I've received an incomplete shipment. What should I do?

I received a quartz watch with a dead battery, what should I do?

I've received a Thomas Earnshaw watch as gift, can I return it for refund/exchange?

Have you received my returned watch?

Warranty & Repairs

2 Year Manufacturer Warranty Policy

How to register my watch?

How can I get my watch repaired?

Can I buy spare parts and do the repair locally with a watch jeweler/repair technician?

Why can't I get a quote before sending the watch in?

Where are your service centers located?

Watch Care

Where can I find the Instruction Manual for my watch?

Is my watch water resistant?

Exposure to sea or chlorinated water

Should I wear my watch regularly?

How to maintain the movement of your watch to the best possible condition.

How often should I change the battery of my quartz watch?

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